Donald Trump running for President is a complete joke

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

At last the long wait is finally over. After years of flirting with the idea of putting together a presidential campaign, billionaire Donald Trump has decided that he will run in 2016. Some believed Trump would have run for office decades ago, stemming all the way back to 1989. Instead Trump has decided that now is the perfect opportunity to in his words, “Make America great again.”

dtrumpWhen I first heard that Trump was running for president I couldn’t do anything but laugh. I thought to myself their is no way that this real. But then I thought about it, Trump is entering this race for one thing and one thing only and that is for entertainment. Unlike the other republican candidates Trump has nothing to lose. If he is not selected as the Republican candidate he can go back and continue to run his Donald Trump empire because he is not a “real” politician.

The biggest reason I could not gather myself to see Trump as a legit candidate for the Presidency is simply his tone. Trump supporters love his demeanor and brash when he speaks and the way he carries himself. But when running for office that is not a great way to get votes. My biggest issue with Donald Trump has been the way he has addressed the Obama administration. Yes, politicians can get ugly when referring to the opposing party, but some of Trump’s comments about Obama have been borderline racist. Even his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!” leads me to believe that this seems more like a personal shot at President Obama.

Although it is unlikely that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, he will make great TV during the presidential debates.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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