The Golden State Warriors have forever change basketball in the NBA

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

Congrats to the 2014-15 NBA Champions the Golden State Warriors on their 4-2 series win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. While winning the championship by itself is a unbelievable feat, the Warriors made history while doing it. I’m not just talking about history that will go down in the record books, but they have forever changed the way basketball will be played in the NBA. “How is that?” You may ask, well let me explain. Gone are the days that a team needs a dominant big man to win an NBA title. Throughout the history of the NBA most teams who had a dominant big man won titles. This includes Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Tim Duncan, Shaq, etc. The only exception to this rule would be if you had a transcendent player who is a once in a generation type of talent. This would include players like Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

iggyThen enters the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors. A team full of unselfish players whose number one objective was to win. Yes, they do have arguably the greatest shooter in the history of basketball in Stephen Curry, but a team like this has never won an NBA title. And let a lot of experts tell it a team like them would never win a title. Why? Because they are a primary jump shooting team, more specifically a three point shooting team. The Warriors have shown us that the NBA has evolved. Teams that win titles must be able to shoot the 3. The 3-point shot is more vital in today’s game than ever before. And now unlike the NBA of the past, jump shooting teams can win championships without any kind of low-post threat.

curryBack to Back titles is something that is very difficult to do in this day  in age. With free agency and players getting the opportunity to make a lot of money else where is one of the main reasons why it doesn’t always happen. The Warriors have  a great young nucleus led by the league MVP Stephen Curry who just finished his 6th year. If they can keep this group together and striving to want more, this team can shoot their way into a dynasty.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.



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