What’s next for Kevin Love?

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland CavaliersKevin Love has decided to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. A deal that would have paid him $16.5 million for next year. Now, Love is a free agent and is a hot commodity among many teams in the NBA. Lets go over the possible options for the services of one Kevin Love.

First things first, Love will be tuned in to the 2015 NBA draft to see what the Lakers do with their #2 pick. If they use it on big man Jahlil Okafor this will likely cross them off the list for Kevin Love, but if they go with guard D’angelo Russell this makes the Lakers very interesting. You pair Love with Kobe, Russell, and Clarkson. That has the making of a solid core in LA. Something for the Lakers fans to get excited about.

Guard D'angelo Russell
Guard D’angelo Russell

Another viable option would be the Boston Celtics. Yes, there may be bad blood between Love and Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk, (Olynyk caused Love to separate his shoulder and miss the remainder of the playoffs), but Boston is good soil. The Celtics overachieved last season by making the playoffs when most experts expected them to be in the lottery. This team will continue to get better and adding Kevin Love will certainly help. He will immediately come in and be the best player on a team full of young good players and a great young head coach in Brad Stevens.

Jahlil Okafor
Center Jahlil Okafor

And last but not least the Cleveland Cavaliers. You know the team that almost WON a championship WITHOUT Love. Cleveland still can offer Love an extra year and $20 million more than any other team offering the max. Not to mention he knows that he will be on a contender in Cleveland. He also knows that he will have to go back to being the third option on this really good team. At times last year Love felt out of place and under utilized. Toward the end of the season Cleveland seemed to have figured it out, but then Love gets injured. Is that something he really wants to go back to? I’m not so sure and do believe that he will be on the move. Where will he land? Something we will all wait to see play out this summer.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: jlightsy7@gmail.com , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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