Same Sex marriage means everything to Obama’s Legacy

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

On Friday June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court came to a landmark decision in American history. The Courts have decided that same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. The lead plaintiff in the case was Jim Obergefell.His case arose when Obergefell sued the state of Ohio for not recognizing his marriage license to his husband. Obergefell had his marriage done in the state of Maryland.

rainbow-supreme-courtThis is a decision that will be placed in the history books for the United States. Some see it as a day that all Americans are finally equal. This is a landmark day, but the work of LBGTQ activist are not done yet. There will be politicians and state leaders that will try to fight against this decision and put it off for as long as they can.

samesexSo what does this decision mean for President Obama and the Democratic Party? One thing is for sure, this may very will be the defining moment of President Barack Obama’s time in office. This has been an eventful two days for our country and our President. First his Obamacare is upheld and now equality for all with same-sex marriage is legal across the country.

Equality for all is the theme of this decision. But the Democratic Party can definitely use this as even more ammunition for their campaign efforts in the 2016 Presidential election. The Republican party has been very adamant with their stance against same-sex marriage. With this  decision The Republican Party must rethink their stance on this issue. On the other hand the Democratic Party is on fire and have a lot of momentum heading into the 2016 election.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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