Ray Rice deserves a second chance in the NFL that he will never get

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

Sometimes things happen in life that completely turn our world upside down. This happen to Ray Rice in a elevator of a casino hotel in New Jersey. It was here that Rice was caught striking his then fiancee Janay, knocking her unconscious. This incident was caught on camera and since then Rice’s life has came crumbling on top of him. After initially only receiving a two game suspension before the video was released, after he was suspended indefinitely and was cut by the Ravens. He also loss all sponsorship and endorsement deals.

It has been over a year since all of this has taken place, and Rice has since been reinstated back into the league. But the likely hood of Rice finding himself on a teams roster is highly unlikely. No team is willing to take the PR hit that comes with signing Rice. It also doesn’t help that his last full season in the league he averaged a career low 3.1 yards per carry. At this point Ray Rice is considered toxic in the NFL.

But I personally believe that Ray Rice deserves another chance to play professional football. The NFL is notorious with giving players second chances after they have made poor judgement off of the field. I believe that a second chance should be provided to Ray Rice after he has truly owned up to his wrong doing. This is the only time Rice has been in any trouble with the league during his entire career.

In the end, I do believe Ray Rice has played his last play in the NFL. The risk is not greater than the reward to the NFL teams. It is unfair but right now, even though we live in America, I just do not see Ray Rice getting a second chance and to me that is very sad.

The best advice that I would give Ray Rice is to continue to grow and learn from this situation. And to never let this incident define you as a father, husband, or as a man.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: jlightsy7@gmail.com , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.



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