Is Alabama dominance bad for college football?

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

They have done it again. The Alabama Crimson Tide won their 16th National Championship and their 4th in 7 years. Pure dominance in every sense of the word. The Crimson Tide have been the cream of the crop in college football every since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa.

bama henryIn Saban’s 8 full season as the head man, he has amassed 100 victories in only 118 tries to go along with his 4 championships and 2 Heisman trophy winners. Not to mention the countless amount of guys he has sent to the NFL. No graduating class that Saban has recruited has left Alabama without a championship ring. This is the true definition of a dynasty. In many minds Saban is regarded as the best coach in college football history.

With so much success in such little time the question is asked, “Is Alabama to good for college football?” Maybe not “too good” but maybe their winning is bad for the game.

AP PLAYOFF COTTON BOWL FOOTBALL S FBC T25 USA TXTheir are a few things that sports fans love. They love when their favorite team wins, they love a rooting for the underdog, and they love a villain to hate. The Tide a lot of times play the role of the villain that fans love to hate. The only problem is that this villain usually come out on top. What Nick Saban and his staff have done at the University of Alabama is create a monster that hardly ever gets defeated. The Tide are the nightmare of college football that never goes away.

Now, what exactly makes Alabama a nightmare? Well, simply because there is no parity in the game. Someone who may know absolutely nothing about college football could have predicted that the Crimson Tide would finish on top of the college football world before this season began. And this quite frankly can make the game stale for some fans. Especially since they will continue to be excellent for the near future.

This is no knock against what Nick Saban or the Alabama football program has done over the last decade. This piece is honestly an admiration to greatness they have displayed. Questions like this would never come about if the Tide didn’t display the dominance they have over the rest of college football.

saban and henryAccording to every major recruiting site, Alabama has won the recruiting national championship five years in a row. Bringing in the top class each of the last five years. You combine this with the fact that head coach Nick Saban at age 63 has no plans of retiring anytime soon. The Tide will just continue to roll.

Maybe there will come a day when this dynasty will come to an end, but for now the college football world must bow down and yell “Roll Tide!”

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Junior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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