NBA should be ashamed Westbrook isn’t an All-Star

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

This week the starters for the 2017 NBA All-star game were announced and the biggest snub of them all was Oklahoma City Thunder PG Russell Westbrook. Right now Westbrook is having a historic season averaging 30 points (leads the NBA), 10 rebounds, and 10 assist a game this season. He is on pace to be the first player to average a triple double in the NBA since the 1961-62 season. Just to make matters worse Westbrook has more triples doubles this season than all of the Western Conference All-star starters COMBINED!

westbrookdunkNow this isn’t all the NBA’s fault. Fans receive 50% of the voting for the All-star starters with the other 50%  of the voting coming from the media and players. The guy who was selected over him, Steph Curry, is having a pretty good season. Not to mention he is playing on the best team in the NBA. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that Westbrook should be the starter over Curry.

In the grand scheme of things this will not matter at all. Westbrook will be named an All-star by the coaches and if he continues going at the rate he is going he will be named first team All-NBA. It was just very disappointing to see your NBA MVP frontrunner not named a starter for the leagues celebration of its best players. Oh yeah, and if you thought Westbrook wasn’t going for the All-star game MVP before this, trust me he is definitely gunning for the award now.

dt-common-streams-streamserver-clsSo what does this mean? Does this mean that we completely take away fan voting from selecting All-stars? No. But there are more changes that need to be made. The All-star game is all for the fans. So yes, they do need to play a part in who they want to see in the game.But, I think the fan voting, media voting, and player voting should all be weighted the same. This way the players who ultimately DESERVE to be in the game are actually in the game.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Senior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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