Is the Brady/Belichick the greatest tandem in sports history?

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

The New England Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl. This is something that all sports fans have almost gotten immune to. It’s almost like the inevitable. Ever since quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick teamed together the New England Patriots have become a modern day dynasty in a league that is built to prevent dynasties. This year the tandem are headed to their 7th Super Bowl appearance together. They have more Super Bowl appearances (7) than 28 teams in the NFL. In this years Super Bowl Tom Brady will look to become the only quarterback in the history of the NFL with 5 Super Bowl titles breaking the tie between himself, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana.

bradyhoganWith this wide array of accomplishments, does this make Tom Brady and Bill Belichick the best tandem in sports history? I am not limiting this only to the NFL because I believe that these two take the cake in the NFL alone, so I must open it up to all sports. If we are strictly talking NFL the only other tandem that may have a chance is Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. But even this dynamic tandem were only able to rack up three Super Bowls compared to Brady and Belichick’s 4. The Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw duo was pretty dynamic with being able to amass 4 Super Bowl titles, but those where the only trips to the big game those two ever made. Not mention the crazy world of free agency didn’t exist back then.

bradySpeaking of free agency and the constant change that takes place in the NFL is what also makes this feat between Brady and Belichick even more impressive. When you win as much as they have, teams want a piece of what makes you great. This includes players and coaches alike. Just to name a few coaches who have found work else were during this dynasty: Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Josh McDaniel, (is back with the team) Bill O’Brien, and Eric Mangini. Some of the players include Deon Branch, Richard Seymour, Chandler Jones, Mike Vrabel, and Wes Welker. Unfortunate situations can happen like what happen with Aaron Hernandez or they could lose a record setting receiver like Randy Moss, the Patriots never miss a beat.

The “Patriot Way” is one that buys into the system and doesn’t complain about how things are going. This is what has led to the great success they have obtained over the years. This also includes never over paying for no individual player. If a player doesn’t buy into the “Patriot way” then they will be on the first flight out of Foxborough, MA.

With all that being said New England has created something special in the world of sports. And in Super Bowl LI look to put the final stamp on their football dynasty.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Senior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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