Tony Romo to Denver would be a match made in Heaven

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

This just in Dak Prescott is really good. The rookie sensation took the league by storm leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 13 win season and the number one seed in the NFC. This leaves 36 year old former Dallas Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo in a position that he hasn’t been in a very long time… As a backup.

dakandromoNow, do not be confused. When healthy Tony Romo is still a pretty good NFL player. In his last full season (2014) as a starter Romo threw for over 3,700 yards and 34 touchdowns. He still has enough talent to be a starting quarterback in the NFL and there is one team that should be trying to acquire his services desperately… The Denver Broncos.

Here me out now, the Broncos have done pretty good with a lot worse. This season Trevor Simeon and Paxton Lynch were not enough to get the defending champs back to the playoffs. With new head coach Vance Joesph in town the time to win for the Broncos is now. What better way to get immediate results then to bring in a proven winner. That would be Tony Romo. Granted Romo has never had the playoff success one would expect a “proven winner” to have, but Romo also has never had a defense like the one they have in Denver. You combine their personnel with the great defensive mind that Vance Joesph brings to the table and this team could propel right back into Super Bowl contention. We have seen what a great defense has done for teams in the past. Look at what the New England Patriots have been able to do this season. The have the number one scoring defense and there is no coincidence they are playing for another Super Bowl.

romoinjuriedI am not saying that Romo is the savior to all the Broncos problems, but if they were able to win a Super Bowl with a broken down Peyton Manning who threw 17 interceptions in 10 games they could do the same with Romo.

Romo’s career in Denver will be very brief, but it will be long enough for the organization to do a few things. The first being able to win immediately with that stout defense and a capable signal caller under center. The second is you be able to figure out if Paxton Lynch is the quarterback of the future for your franchise.

This may not be a move that the Denver Broncos are seriously considering, but it is one that makes a whole lot of sense.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Senior Broadcasting Major at Western Kentucky University. You can contact me through email: , TwitterYoutube, or Facebook.


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